Liu Fangfang access to cigarettes business

how to do the cigarette business, almost every business owner will have their own opinion, and for Liu Fangfang, she spent more energy is making up for deficiencies, so as to make products more abundant, can satisfy more consumers, shop business is naturally more popular.

Liu Fangfang: dear friends, hello! I was in Anhui Province, Qianshan Mei Town retail Liu Fangfang, 44 years old, with a retail business experience of the past 21 years. In so many years of operation, deeply felt the retail business is not easy and difficult. I believe most retailers and I, must have deep feelings. The cigarette business as an example, you want to do, in fact, according to my own understanding, that is to do the check missing trap, self correction."

in fact, retailers in the retail business will inevitably exist in this or that problem, missing and missing. The same is true of cigarette sales. Therefore, my experience is to often do reflection and summary, to resolutely check missing trap, self correction. Timely correction of inappropriate, incorrect practice, to avoid weaknesses, in order to better improve and enhance. In my daily cigarette business as an example, I pay special attention to the following aspects of the work.

is a reflection of their own problems in the purchase of cigarettes can exist. I often ask myself, this month or the most recent period of time, I have a blindness in the purchase of cigarettes, there are subjective arbitrariness. It is to ignore the actual market demand, independent order. This leads to improper ordering and inventory. Or because the proportion of the purchase of the brand is not appropriate, resulting in errors in cigarette sales, deviation, etc.. In fact, in the current situation, do a good job of tobacco varieties, quantity and other scientific and reasonable proportion of the purchase, is conducive to cigarette sales, is to reduce inventory. Over the past few years, due to their existence in this area of lazy thinking, there is no thought, the appropriate purchase of cigarettes lead to the phenomenon of out of stock or inventory often occurs, affecting the cigarette sales.

two is a reflection of whether or not to pay attention to the accumulation and summary of cigarette sales skills. In fact, retailers should be clear in the current situation, do a good job of cigarette sales is the wisdom and skill needs, is the need to constantly sum up and reflect on the accumulation of. For example, cigarette display, beautiful cigarette display can stimulate consumer vision, stimulate their desire to buy. There are true and false identification problem, which is also the need for serious retail households, must not be negligent and lead to loss.

then there is a new recommendation, the need for retail users with the intention to treat, but also be good at grasping the opportunity to insight into customer psychology, according to different people, different time to do a good job of scientific and reasonable recommendations. To allow consumers to generate trust and support sincerely convinced. Furthermore, retailers also need to continue to accumulate and transfer, etc. reflection of cigarette fraud.

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