Rinse out the little sheep Hot pot of wealth

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in winter to eat Hot pot numerous, Hot pot mentioned that many people will think of little sheep Hot pot brand, the strength of the brand, in the industry’s influence is not generally Hot pot. Now Xiaobian share little sheep Hot pot brand story for everyone.

1984 years, Zhang graduated after the Baotou Steel, when the sintering workers, for the official work, Zhang determined to cherish. But the tedious work for three years to let Zhang steel shaken, "when I was 20 years old, but the other person is more than and 40, look at the old generation master, did life as a director of the workshop ended, many people still have the heart and the lung disease occupation, I how can this will be your life cheap to pay out?" when the full-time workers in 1988 after several years, Zhang Gang made a formal decision, every year to Baotou a deposit do leave of absence, and hence to the back of your wealth career.

information poor exercise judgment

back then, Zhang Gang said: This requires I must rely on their own insight work, right, sell a good price, but you see my judgment come again when is already late. Zhang Gang told reporters, before any city to turn around, you know little sheep in the city’s location, location, immediately took out the basic right, which is inseparable with the exercise; and now the little sheep has formed the model of scientific research by location, accurate, scientific and systematic analysis the shop, in accordance with the process specification implementation.

with Daoteng clothing costs, accumulated about 100000 yuan of assets Zhang Gangjian

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