Promotional activities include college tuition

a lot of people think that gift promotion, that is, in the sale of something when passing some small products, as to how small products, as well as how to send can be more casual. So, is that really the case? Obviously not. Gift promotional activities in fact contain the University asked, what to send, how to send, you need to follow certain principles. Here are some of the information sharing, perhaps to help you shop.

fascinating, highlighting the unique selling points of

what is the purpose of giving gifts? Of course, to attract consumers to buy products through gifts. So here’s a question for you, what do you take to attract customers? So we must give gifts to take a name, called up a unique selling point is easy to pronounce, linked with the product. To give you gifts for a good name, we must first understand the promotion of the target consumer groups of what love, what sensitive, recently that they pay attention to those hot or excited, and then the core interests of these elements and the sale of the product itself combination.

reason for the first, highlighting the value of promotional gifts

in the gift to attract consumers to patronize the promotion and to the store to buy the plan, the goods themselves to provide consumers with the benefits is no longer the only temptation. In the store in the vast world, the same specifications, the same quality of the same products similar to squeeze together, consumers have a lot of choice. At this time, it is necessary to highlight the value of your gifts.

emotional help, the appropriate value of

maybe you would say, suppose our gifts are cheap or ordinary? In fact, already mentioned before, in the promotion of consumer goods, the value of gifts are generally not too large, it depends on how you hype publicity. The value of hype and exaggerate the value of different, exaggerating the value is straightforward to tell you how much the value of the gift, too exaggerated to make it difficult to trust. And the appropriate value of the hype gifts need to use the interests of the benefits and emotional benefits and other aspects of speculation.

strengthen the concept, the gift is the embodiment of added value

in the promotion of gifts, some companies tend to reverse the concept, or the concept is not completely clear. They often say in the propaganda caliber: as long as you buy the value of the product, you can get what kind of gift. This tends to give consumers a value that he has to pay, including the concept of gift value. Suppose we change the caliber to promote it? "Our promotional price in similar products is very favorable, and you buy products can get real concessions, and, in order to thank you for your patronage, our company will also be free &time>

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