Union discount loans to help migrant workers return home entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship boom

After two sessions of

, I believe migrant workers return home entrepreneurship will become the focus of the work of the provinces and municipalities. This does not, Hefei on the positive action, Hefei will set up trade unions, trade unions discount loans to help migrant workers return home entrepreneurship.

Hefei Daily News:

"entrepreneurship of migrant workers returning home the first time meet the conditions, we can provide 300 thousand yuan discount loan; the business operation of the partnership, to provide 500 thousand yuan discount loan." City Federation of relevant responsible person said, will set up a union service workers in venture capital this year, carry out small loans at the same time, will also organize a series of activities such as entrepreneurial training and guidance, help the return of migrant workers, college graduates difficult worker family business, and business leaders to support the selected tree, set off further innovation and entrepreneurship in the workers of the city in.



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