ShakeShack let the Americans crazy waiting for Burger Shop

see the front of the apple store queues in Apple’s new release after the United States local people are very surprised, for local people, a burger temptation is much higher than that of Apple electronic products charm.

in New York you can see a shop in front of perennial overcrowding, most of the time in a year, you can see the customer with queuing outside the shop, only to be able to taste the store in Hamburg, the store named "ShakeShack".

12 29, ShakeShack formally submitted a listing application documents, plans to raise $100 million, which has a total of 63 stores in the world of Hamburg fast food operators will reach $800 million valuation.


"to seize the heart, to hold on to the stomach", this sentence for the food and beverage industry, is undoubtedly the everlasting truth. Many Americans who have tasted all kinds of hamburgers have said that the taste of ShakeShack burger is several times higher than that of ordinary hamburger.

"almost like Hilton and high-speed roadside motel compare." There is an image of ShakeShack’s hardcore fans like this.

ShakeShack flagship beef burger, declared by the use of antibiotics of Angus beef 100%, coupled with the "USA Today" was described as "a little spicy, sweet and sour" special sauce, so many consumers fall. Other firmly grasp the consumer’s stomach, the main signs of food, including French fries, milk shakes, etc..

two, "slow fast" mode emphasizes consumer experience

and most fast-food hamburger chain management style is different, ShakeShack took a completely different way with the chain model. Founded 10 years, ShakeShack stores in the world is only a total of 63, which is the last of these stores, to ShakeShack in the last year, brought a total of $80 million in revenue for the year, the company has a total of $63.

ShakeShack founder Danny · Meijer (DannyMeyer) understand the modern American fast food industry: consumers are squeezed into a small space, and then as soon as possible meal, checkout, and then recommended

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