No PS Vita price drops until 2013

first_imgWhen a new console comes out, we all know that the initial retail price can’t last forever. As manufacturing processes improve and economies of scale kick in, the cost has to come down. The PS Vita is still selling for around $249 in most places (real time price: ), and it’s looking like a price drop isn’t coming this year.Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer recently that Sony’s engineers are working hard to lower the manufacturing costs of the Vita. However, the planned revisions won’t happen until sometime in 2013. He said that this year, essentially this holiday season, was too soon for a price reduction.At this point, Sony is concentrating on getting more content onto the Vita in the form of classic PS One titles, as well as new Vita games. The problem, of course, being that developers are wary of spending money making games for a platform without a large install base. And with the Vita still selling for $249, many casual gamers are steering clear. Sony needs content from those developers to get people to buy though so it’s a catch-22.The Vita is a very capable gaming device with dual analog sticks, a touch screen, good resolution, and fast internals. With the prevalence of smartphone and tablet gaming, the Vita isn’t going to fly off shelves until that price drop comes. Bundle deals might be able to move a little hardware, but the platform is lacking in blockbuster titles. In order words, 2013 might be too late for anyone to care.via Eurogamerlast_img

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