How about Korea South Korea imported Weiyuan supermarket

along with the advent of the Internet era, electricity providers prevail. As a small ordinary people, we can not come into contact with imported goods can now be able to point to the phone screen can come to their own, the Internet makes the life of thousands of households become more convenient. At the same time imported food is a good business opportunities, investors should seize the right time.

South Korea South Korea imported Weiyuan supermarket small investment return, small cost of venture capital is an ideal project! Now imported food stores do good business? It can be said that China imported food industry as a whole is still in the primary stage, but Han Weiyuan imported from South Korea supermarket has changed the pattern of thousands of agents. The franchisee and choose to make Han Weiyuan in the industry has become an important brand of imported goods between China and South korea.

Han Weiyuan South Korea imported supermarket in South Korea’s own factory, 3-6 offers up; import, all commodity inspection and quarantine, marketing and other aspects of the full regulatory information; there are 40000 square meters of storage base in China, the logistics company distribution directly, than the traditional sea Amoy delivery speed up to 3-5 times; maternal and child supplies, including food, daily necessities, bags, home textiles, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics and other complete category, more profit point.

joined South Korea South Korea imported Weiyuan supermarket, provide tracking 360 degrees full for you to shop quickly, quick success, from the entire store distribution, site evaluation, decoration design to shop inspection and guidance, marketing support, advertising support, store operations, headquarters will provide specific implementation for your case, remove barriers to entrepreneurship, wealth at the door.

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