Pay attention to the three little things to attract more customers

a lot of time, because the business process, some of the inevitable small business operators are not taken seriously, leading to the operator’s business has been greatly affected, unable to make a bigger business. In short, the operation for the terminal is not only a professional career, but also a survival skills. The same as the sea sail, why is my tail? This is one of many operators have regrets and confusion, but also to find a breakthrough, a powerful driving force and target out of trouble: the width of sail, I will fight upstream.

for a long time, I have struggled to think, always expect your business routine of one upmanship, gain more wealth. Pays off, I finally found inspiration in a financial TV program, originally I neglected "small", but it is of my business killer. Sum up, we learn from each other:


"how do you and I repeat the story of yesterday / this old ticket can get on your passenger ship……" The familiar song illustrates the fact that the old ticket is void, and the importance and urgency to remind us to avoid it. "Late" is a stumbling block to business, which reminds me of a witness case.

"affected by the promotion of manufacturers, the restaurant will be ten percent off beer sales (consumption of more than 100 yuan)……" An advertisement to attract a lot of customers’ eyes, however the settlement has set off waves, we have accused or suspected fraud, "clearly say the discount, why has changed……" "It’s not my fault, but the promotion is over. You see the deadline is over a month." Following the location of the store’s fingers, we found in the bottom of the ad there are a few small words can not be small.

"since the end of the event, why not remove posters?" Although the store’s position: if you can not give up the purchase of satisfaction, and finally to soothe the anger of everyone, but the condemnation of this capricious behavior has never stopped.

[learn] in spite of the behavior of the store did not cause losses to the customer, but the stone is still suspected of cheating on their feet, not only is a loss of business, but also the customer’s reputation. Seemingly can be large, small, "episode", in fact, for the loss of business owners. There was an economist who did the experiment, a person’s displeasure will eventually pass through the fermentation and more than and 200 people out. Spread wide, for small supermarkets, the impact is devastating.

someone else’s pain is my point. Through the inventory of goods found in the shop, this phenomenon exists in my shop. I completely remove all expired advertising, and then check all the business promotion of the implementation of the situation, as well as credit. For dishonest businesses to take measures to withdraw from the market, the most

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