Delta Aquariids How to Watch Summers Stunning Meteor Shower

first_img NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendHubble Captures Saturn’s ‘Phonograph Record’ Ring System Stay on target Get your telescopes ready: From July 29 to July 30, the Delta Aquariid meteor shower will reach its peak and turn the night sky into an illuminated show.According to the American Meteorological Society, the Delta Aquariids will peak from late Monday night to early Tuesday morning. If you want the best view of asteroid and comet fragments lighting up the night sky, you’ll have to be in either the Southern Hemisphere or southern latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, NASA noted.“The Delta Aquariids are active beginning in mid-July and are visible until late-August. These faint meteors are difficult to spot, and if there is a moon you will not be able to view them,” NASA said on their website. “If the moon is not present, your best chance to see the Delta Aquariids is when meteor rates rise during the shower’s peak at the end of July.”Two good news… but one pretty bad one for Meteorgazers.Alpha Capricornids, South Delta Aquariids… and Perseids— AMSMETEORS (@amsmeteors) July 24, 2019NASA suggests finding an area that’s away from city or street lights and bringing a sleeping bag, blanket, or lawn chair for optimal viewing. Once everything is set, you can can lie flat on your back and look “halfway between the horizon and the zenith, and 45 degrees from the constellation of Aquarius will improve your chances of viewing the Delta Aquariids.” In less than 30 minutes, your eyes will adapt and be able to see meteors, however, NASA advises a lot of patience, since the meteor shower is expected to last until dawn on Tuesday.If you miss tonight’s bright meteor show, no need to worry: NASA says you can look for the Delta Aquariids during the Perseids next month. If the meteor is coming from the direction of the constellation Aquarius, it could be a Delta Aquariid.To find out more information about meteor activity at your location, visit this Fluxtimator here.More on Water Is Being Ejected From the Moon During Meteor ShowersSuspected Meteorite Crashes Into Rice Field in India‘Meteoric Smoke’ Could Be Forming Cotton Candy Clouds on Marslast_img

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