Botnet seller Joshua Schichtel gets 30 months in prison

first_imgA man is set to begin a 30-month prison sentence because of one $1,500 malware transaction that ended up infecting around 72,000 computers. Although the sentence may seem harsh, it is almost universally believed that Joshua Schichtel caused much more havoc, but was just never caught in any other case.As for the legally verifiable claim against him, Schichtel was convicted of selling a botnet to a client. The client, whose exact goals were not specifically described, paid Schichtel $1,500 for the software and even though Schichtel wasn’t actually the one with malicious intent, he is the one heading to federal prison.It is believed that he had a robust online operation in which nefarious users wanted to spread malware, but did not have the technical knowhow to do so. If true, Schichtel had been acting as their “supplier,” collecting money for the botnets and other malicious programs. He could also have been using the same software himself for other covert and potentially illegal purposes.It seems like he has been able to escape the law for the most part, though. In 2004, he was among multiple defendants named in a case about malicious Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against online retailers, but the suit was dropped because of a technicality.As all criminals learn, it just takes getting caught one time to put an end to the ride. For Schichtel, that came in 2009 when the charges were first filed. The ruling was just recently announced.Schichtel’s sentence also carries a term of three years supervised release once his 30 months of behind-bars time is finished.More at the Department of Justice, via Ars Technicalast_img

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