Qualcomm creates wireless electric vehicle charging system

first_imgElectric vehicles have yet to start appearing on our highways in significant numbers, mainly due to how much they cost and how few manufacturers offer them. But eventually all cars look likely to use some form of electric engine that needs charging regularly.Plugging your car in every night to charge will become the norm, but Qualcomm has already come up with a solution that removes the need to connect a vehicle to a charging station. Instead, they’ve developed a wireless power transmission system called Inductive Power Transfer (IPT).Qualcomm demonstrated the IPT system during CES last week. For it to work, a transmitter pad needs to be no more than 400mm away from the vehicle’s receiver pad, which in turn is connected to the vehicle’s battery. So it makes sense to install the transmitter on the ground and have the receiver positioned on the base of the car. The driver parks the car over the pad and the car starts charging.Such a system is desirable not only because it is simple for the driver to use, but has less that can go wrong due to no cables or connectors needing to be attached to the car repeatedly. That should make this solution popular in public locations where tens of vehicles could pull up to charge on a daily basis.Qualcomm say the IPT system can be setup for different power scenarios. For example, a home could be setup with a single phase 3kW IPT to charge a car overnight, there’s a three phase version delivering 7kW, and for locations where a rapid charge is desirable, an 18kW+ version will be made available.Work is also underway to reduce the size of the transmitter pad, with the latest prototype, called the Halo, being not much bigger than a laptop. Hopefully they can develop this system to the point where you can plug in the pad, drop it on your drive or in your garage, and your car auto-charges every night.via Tech-On!last_img

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