89inch Kindle Fire coming mid2012

first_imgAmazon has already sold a boatload of its original Kindle Fire tablets, with pre-orders surpassing the quarter-million mark within a few days. Now an 8.9-inch second-gen Kindle Fire is being reported, and it could begin shipping in the middle of 2012.In mid-October, we caught wind of the next Kindle Fire which was purportedly being assembled by Chinese manufacturing titan Foxconn — the same folks who build the iPhone and iPad. At that time, no one seemed to know for sure what the update would look like. Would it be a 10.1-inch model, as is the norm with other Android tablets? Would it stick closer to Amazon’s eReader-sized 7-inch Kindle Fire?According to DigiTimes’ sources, it’s definitely going to split the difference. At 8.9 inches, the next-gen Kindle Fire will still be smaller than most tablets on the market. Samsung, of course, recently added an 8.9-inch model to the Galaxy Tab line-up. The HP TouchPad is roughly the same size, too, with a 9.4-inch screen — though it’s a 4:3 display at 1024×768 pixels.Amazon hasn’t made any official announcements, but there’s at least one very good reason to believe that an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire is coming. Foxconn was also previously tipped as building an 8.9-inch follow-up to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Amazon’s already gone to that well once: the original Kindle Fire is little more than a stripped-down PlayBook.If there are parts lying around for an 8.9-inch PlayBook, it stands to reason that Amazon would scoop them up for a larger Kindle Fire, too. Should that be the case, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Amazon decides to further differentiate the larger Kindle Fire by at least popping in a rear-facing camera for video chat.More at DigiTimeslast_img

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