Poo in the pool 11 of the worst things about going swimming

first_imgA RECENT STUDY in the US has revealed that 58% of swimming pools in Atlanta have poo in them (well remains of fecal matter but whatever).Researchers reckon that this is fairly common in most pools. HORROR TOWNN!But then, swimming pools can be quite gross places and some horrible things can happen in them…1. Hair everywherevia Dairy of a ModelWhy is there always hair in the pool?Why must see clumps in the shower?Why do bits of it keep appearing around your feet as you enter the pool?WHY?2. Peevia SodaHeadWe’ve thankfully never had this happen but apparently if you pee in the pool a blue mist appears around the pee.Not only does it mean the pool staff know somebody peed in the pool, it also marks you out as the person who did it.The fear of this happening to us as children was quite strong and still haunts us when we swim now.3. Changing roomThere’s always somebody walking around in the nip without a care in the world while the rest of just get about the business of drying ourselves or someone using the hair dryer to dry their shoes and causing a stink.We’re basically like this when that happens:We’re not sure what it is about swimming pool changing rooms that make people lose the run of themselves.4. Bandages everywhereWhy, why, why, why are there always big bandages floating around the pool?Despite this man making an appearance constantly:STR/AP/Press Association ImagesGrotty.5. That weird foot cleaning water you have to walk throughWhen you walk through that weird tiny puddle of special foot disinfectant that’s always really cold, that’s when you’ve really marked your pool visit.6.  Swimming capDaniel Ochoa De Olza/AP/Press Association ImagesWe’re talking about those weird plastic ones that you invariably end up wearing that make your head feel like it’s shrinking and that you have a condom on your head.Horrible.7. Belly floppersThe people who insist on belly flopping in and out of the pool all day like it’s their own personal diving spot are the worst.We’re trying to work on our breaststroke can you please tone it down.8.  Your swimsuit being horrible to youvia ShutterstockLet’s be honest, we’ve all had that horrible moment where our swimming costume has ridden up to reveal a bit too much bum or suddenly slid off to have you accidentally flash your fellow swimmers.Very embarrassing.9. People swimming really slowlyYou know when you have decided to hop in the swimming lane and take your new swimming career super seriously?You will always be stuck behind some super slow swimmer, who you’ll attempt to overtake and then invariably some other person will be swimming down the other side therefore blocking you.It’s like a motorway but with bodies and water instead of cars.10. A narky lifeguardJean Cummings/EMPICS EntertainmentNothing worse than a lifeguard with a superiority complex blowing their whistle non-stop.We’re not on Baywatch, no need to get carried away with yourself.11. Stinking like chlorineYou know how it is. You’ve had a nice swim, perhaps at the start of your day and even though you’ve showered afterwards you realise that you smell like you’ve been steeped in chlorine.People avoid you all day because the slightest whiff of you makes your eyes sting.Strangers on the street sniff you and go:Raging.13 baby animals who don’t get enough cute credit>The 11 people you will ALWAYS meet at the gym>last_img

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