Snowdens new Supervisor software for geologists features substantial upgrades

first_imgSnowden says it “has taken geostatistical modelling to a new level with the release of Supervisor version 8 (V8). As the name V8 suggests, the software suite has the power to supercharge your mining operation!” With ever increasing amounts of data available to geologists, it has become much more difficult to adequately assess all the data in a time and cost efficient manner.  Snowden recognised that a quantum change was needed to provide adequate geostatistical modelling support to this changing world. By re-developing Supervisor on a new platform and adding several new features, it provides the user with a substantial functional upgrade.The software suite consists of three underlying modules. The Analysor V8 module allows quick and easy preliminary statistical analysis and visualisation. It’s about finding relationships between elements and domains such as rock type and oxidation.Snowden says “the Visor V8 module is the undisputed world leader in finding the 3D orientation of the ore body and grade continuity. This is a crucial input property to the actual estimation procedure. Should this be incorrect, it may render the entire estimation useless.The Maximisor version 7 (V7) module deals with the uncertainty of reserve estimation. Maximisor provides multiple equally probable answers or scenarios from which to choose the most appropriate for your project. Maximisor V8 will be released in 2012.Together, these modules form what has over the last 10 years become a benchmark in geostatistical modelling globally. Snowden won the Exporter Category for the WA Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAITTA) for Supervisor 7 in 2010.last_img

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