Hongkong strong entrepreneurial spirit of the younger generation

now many young people have an entrepreneurial ideal, at the same time in the whole social environment, entrepreneurship is also being actively promoted, in a more developed economic society in Hongkong area, young entrepreneurial ideas are also more and more strong.

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"over the past six months, I want to start around more and more young people." Assistant Professor, School of business, City University Hong Kong, Hongkong Entrepreneur Club Secretary General Chen Liwen said.

in January this year, the Hongkong SAR chief executive Liang Zhenying pointed out in his policy address, the SAR government to set up a $300 million youth development fund, aimed at matching fund way, through non-governmental organizations to assist Hongkong youth entrepreneurship and innovation of youth development activities. February, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma announced the establishment of 1 billion Hong Kong dollars to Hongkong Youth Enterprise Fund to support young entrepreneurs in Hongkong. With the growing atmosphere of youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has become a hot topic in the University campus.

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experts therefore pointed out that Hongkong’s business climate is becoming hot prospects. Many institutions are pushing forward the development of Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, accelerate financing for entrepreneurs. In addition, private educational institutions and universities continue to provide tailor-made training programs, entrepreneurial knowledge and skills training for entrepreneurs.

titled "the Research Report of Hongkong entrepreneurial ecosystem" integration of the more than and 400 data and survey data, including access to 612 Hongkong young entrepreneurs and 12 Hong Jian

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