Talking about the key to success of grass roots station persistence and execution

time passes, unconsciously has part-time webmaster for two years, which already don’t know how many stay up late and confused, and self adjustment. Just for a little dream, and insist on coming step by step. Practice while you study, find problems, solve problems, and gradually improve yourself. Although there may be no short-term gains, but knowledge itself is the best income. It is a matter of time before I can improve myself and adjust my mind to make money.

is a good old saying: “do not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbow”, we often hear XXX monthly income of tens of thousands or more, but you have not thought about this style is behind how hard for it, recoge. Just take the example of the webmaster around me, he Taobao guest website, spent more than a year faster, Taobao customers from 0 to do 1 crown (as the total income is how much, at least tens of thousands, this is certain). Although compared with the big yellow cattle, but it is also a body

successful example, then very curious to ask him how to promote, and how to do it? Is it seo promotion? He replied, “what is SEO, I do not understand, and there is no skill to.”. “I did the soso quiz and the Baidu quiz,” he insisted. “Then I gave me a screenshot of his soso question and answer account. It was 10, and there were about more than 10 thousand questions and answers.”. I was amazed at how powerful the execution was. And they are doing some very common promotion methods, everyone knows, but few children can insist on the implementation.

recently meager marketing fire on the sky, the rapid growth of user data is meager, after more than a year of development many people have seen little gold marketing more and more friends, have joined the gold team. As everyone knows, as long as the number of fans is enough, then the activity of small and high, can have a good income. Some people change their minds. Since there are so many people who make small, large numbers of fans, maybe they will be interested. They will build a small number of accounts, and then sell them to fans. Rough calculations account can fly a meager 2000 people, a number of accounts to 10 thousand to count, early when 10 thousand fans nearly 100 yuan, a group of fans to 2000 people can earn 200 thousand, this theory, I believe many people have thought about this problem, but would like to return to there is no trouble to perform.

although we often receive some messages such as “part-time earn thousand yuan XXX” what, or the latest Wangzhuan day to earn XXX yuan. Can these projects really make so much money that they don’t discuss it for the time being?. I am sure that the first time I see these titles, I would be happy to see them. Good literary talent, a little bit of article, the first contact with a friend to see, will be enchanted, I feel this money making is too easy, but also passive, sleep money, who do not want it?. Believe in many friends,

friends are so into this industry > Wangzhuan

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