Thinking what does social networking sites do and how do they do it

recently on several famous social networking site, we realized that we found in the use of social networking, each with different characteristics. Then I thought, "why do I actually go to these sites? What are these websites doing? Can they really achieve social goals?"…

because I’m not really a IT ring, and I don’t know much about social networking. I just listen to my friends and look at Baidu. Simply believe that social networking sites are social platforms on the web – Networking and social. There are several kinds of advantages and common ground. For SNS, UCH, I don’t have to go into the community and so on, I personally do not love on the concept of people, because the concept of death, things are alive, can live with the way of doing things right, do it, you will be making the concept of people. Moreover, the same concept may not be entirely suitable for different situations, different environments and different regions.

today for my question, think of a vague answer, but also do not know whether it is right, say, we help see.

did not say first I think of the answer, we first talk about the society always exist now, the society has provided countless love, we don’t love things to us; this society and let us sometimes don’t know what love is not what love, what you want to. Now the society with "thousands of thousands of the world" to describe too much time, like a little cold eat only 5 minutes of watching TV a popsicle, only two channels, when the computer is still don’t know what. Now everything in society seems to offer us more than one choice. Sometimes I don’t even know how to choose. Whether it is the present "we have more choice", and the former "choice of things", there is a foundation, that is, "our individual" has a certain demand. And in this society that gives us more choices, our needs become less easily met, but as more choices increase, demand becomes more, and we do not know how to choose.

can now tell me what I think, the answer is "demand."". So I think social networking sites are providing us with something that needs to be done. The ultimate requirement is social networking. Maybe someone will laugh and laugh, I’m talking nonsense, I understand, because I think so. But I also think that after laughing, we should think about, if we meet the needs of people with specific points, the "game" and "Hu Kan" topic"… It doesn’t seem so simple.

, you have fun with people and talk about the topic. Are you friends? Can you do a lot of things more closely between you and me? I don’t think so. Because online social networking and offline social networking are two different things. But the method of "line" and "two line" for the purpose of social networking is that each one has his good points.

online: 1, low cost. 2, low threshold. 3, implicit. 4, no time, geographical restrictions.

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