Novice do stand less detours

what I do is QQ station, now the domain name is no longer needed. It was made last October. Practice has proved that I have made many detours.

1, just started the station, using the Dede default template, without modification.

2, I bought a post machine, posted on the major portals, promotion of my domain name. Practice has proved that it doesn’t work at all (for the newly built station). (to tell you the truth, the IP traffic hasn’t increased much.).

3, although the original article, but not much.

4, do not know who said, Baidu products on each posting. Practice has proved that it is very dangerous.

5, the space is often a problem (once a week can not access it).

6, do not know what the sandbox period (early know good, do not know SEO should also know what happened to my site, the sandbox) when I change into the sandbox period changed the template, Tebian, but at this time taking my name again to be sealed by IP analysis on, but I insist on two months later although Baidu included my website, but IP has been on the go. (you have to choose a good space provider. If you have any qualifications, you’d better use your own server)

7, made so many SEO taboos, plus my space problem, my website has been Baidu K 4 times.

finally want to do a friend of the station to say: "first of all, choose a good space providers, and then adhere to adhere to, and then adhere to, update, update and update, do stand there is no shortcut!"

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