Reflections on the revision of Baidu

has long been engaged in the network, resulting in N "every day, constantly refresh, click, will find a lot of amazing time, for the first time yesterday morning, accidentally found the Baidu home page has a small change, began to think that they do wrong, after verification is changed. The front page of Baidu increased the hao123 link, seems not to love change Baidu in the 2008 Olympic Games also changed, change actually means thinking, Baidu what we think from what


Baidu revised several conjectures:

Olympic Games, Chinese is the center of the world, of course, the Internet has become a China center, China center may be in Baidu, Baidu has always been a simple concept, Baidu more convenient service to people, or international friends, so in the early Olympic Games plus the hao123 link.

two in view of today’s Internet fierce competition, Baidu will somewhat flow loss, Baidu would like to use the hao123 to consolidate the flow dominance of Baidu, Baidu will be able to open directly into the hao123 point, and not to go to the address bar on hao123, it seems that Baidu will make people become lazy, of course, once a habit is formed, its value is inestimable.

three hundred degrees in service to others, Baidu also for their own services, since the acquisition of Baidu hao123, Baidu thought that by making people from the navigation into the number of searches will increase, but the statistics of Baidu makes Baidu people are more be frightened and change color, use Baidu to search the hao123 web site, Baidu was simply put hao123 to move on the front page, maybe China net to do what Baidu really know.


to replace hao123 with Baidu, estimation is unlikely, or Li Xingping threat to Baidu, hao123 is not the brother Li, can not ah, Baidu in the end what you want to do, perhaps only Baidu know.

above is a personal view, purely entertainment, originating in, reproduced trouble with the link

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