The 16 year veteran entrepreneurs and Lisu a year lost 300 thousand Zhejiang biggest debtor

abstract the collapse of the company has hit me very hard. One is a mental attack, two is debt ridden. In this venture, I was wrong to bear the debt of 150 thousand yuan, becoming the largest "negative Weng zhejiang".

below this article by 3 articles summary, is diffuse cloud platform founder Dr. Lin Rui in Xi’an Electronic and Science University speech content finishing. Dr. Lin Rui is already the second pioneering, as early as 98 years he started business, so far has been 16 years, he also experienced a year to lose 300 thousand of the entrepreneurial failure, debt ridden.

friends together to read his entrepreneurial share, there are many worthy of our common study.

Article 1: dealing with failures and successes in Entrepreneurship

many ways of entrepreneurship, Taobao shop, back home, a few acres of land are considered entrepreneurship. In the strict sense, entrepreneurship is the establishment of an enterprise. In this process, business, tax, social security and other costs are relatively high, and the rate of failure for the first time is very high. I failed my first business, and it was expensive.

faces the failure of Entrepreneurship: the cost of failure,

in 1997, I studied at the Department of computer science at Zhejiang University. I got my first job in the national software competition in the summer of that year. After the Hangzhou daily propaganda, some investors came to me to start a business together. So, in the spring of 1998, I started the three dimensional window system, but by the end of 1998, when I ran out of 300 thousand yuan of registered capital, without a penny, the company went out of business and lasted less than a year.

The collapse of the

company has hit me pretty hard. One is the spirit of combat, I used to be the best student in the west, has participated in the contest with the northwest best, remember the time I participate in the challenge cup competition, Secretary of the Communist Youth League to help me carry the case, the party secretary to help me out of the way, this treatment is very rare. I studied in the University of Zhejiang Province for the first year, and I was also very beautiful. I was named "young talent in Zhejiang province" and "national outstanding university student across the century". At the end of 1997, I received the prize in the Great Hall of the people and took a photo with Li Keqiang. I didn’t know he was the premier of the future. I didn’t care. I don’t know where to throw the picture. Such a forced person, the first business was a terrible mess, a considerable blow, and even quite inferiority complex.

‘s second shock is debt ridden. In this venture, I was wrong to bear the debt of 150 thousand yuan, becoming the largest "negative Weng zhejiang". At that time, I completely do not understand entrepreneurship, do not know what is investment, the original talk about good, investors out of 300 thousand yuan of funds, I have technology, each accounted for 50% of the shares. During the registration period, the investors said to me, "the assessment of technical stocks is very troublesome and time-consuming. We can’t afford to wait.". I’ll lend you 150 thousand first, and I’ll make another 150 thousand. We’ll invest 300 thousand together, each 50% of the shares. When the company makes money, you’ll give me 150 thousand yuan back. Then we’ll soon sign up for the company and you can start your career."

‘s words seemed reasonable, and I agreed. When the company closed down, investors called for me

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