Stationmaster the real men standing in the wind and rain

Chinese development of the Internet today, I believe A5 to look at the webmaster have a feeling, we no longer discuss how to make money, but to explore how to safely get through this period, but the campaign is different from the past, the past is always hard in the special period, and this period of time is not special, if the special words is the Chinese new year, the government welfare


site where the server has not escaped the "fish", has been closed for 6 days, after a few days of thinking, have figured out, perhaps should not choose the individual owners of this road, this road there are too many countries have declared the thorns!, the Internet is an important media in daily life, the relationship between the people’s livelihood, that is to say the state management of the Internet as well as newspapers, television, by the state to operate, against individual owners will be an important issue to them! How, no personal webmaster, where today’s Sina, NetEase? Local forum prosperity, well-known theory, the 19 floor, Jiyang community, small fish, which is not a personal webmaster came from? To obliterate all personal webmaster, perhaps like these have been formed from individual owners go to regular company website Can survive, but without flowers for Fang, they will feel lonely and lonely!


believe that we can see, a lot of IDC claimed to notify superiors, such as the morning of December 8th, Jiangxi Telecom once again issued a document, all closed forums, interactive column record, illegal information website; I do not know how to explain? BBS and illegal information website has been transformed into a kind of? This is all personal webmaster, especially the forum for lovers of the cup. Regardless of this practice is to avoid the storm, still want to completely combat personal webmaster, you dare to do if things go on like this, what forum in China? Do not know what time, he said to be special for the record, no special directly off the record, then what will you do? > still hope that our authorities put individual stationmaster a way, after all we are China citizens legitimate, some of us are still running their tax obligations according to law, some of US sites are also for the society and for the country to create interest, we have to find a person shall not conflict with the state law: the speech in any form, we will always be in the national interest is the motherland strong side! Webmaster, strong against pornographic websites is our common responsibility, all of the owners are willing to cooperative supervision department work, please also the regular site in a way!

in 2009 is in the past, after the baptism, Chinese believe that the future of the Internet, China individual owners of the future will be more brilliant, keep the faith, believe that the power is infinite, create a better future!

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