Meihekou City Jilin Province on site development

In 06 years,

wrote an article "Meihekou website development history" in Meihekou forum, later reprinted by the Meihekou information network announcement, many users have read and give some feedback, is very happy to have so many friends have been concerned about and support the development of Meihekou website, and to pay tribute to the struggle in Meihekou construction site on the front of the


is about to enter the 08 lunar year. Looking at the past words, and some missing places, that article will become "history."". Since 06 years, Meihekou’s website and a great step forward, should write notes on the new development of the website, to record the new changes. This revision of previous "Historiette".

time: at the end of 02, 03 years

Meihekou’s earliest website is the Meihekou port of information (website:, the blue style. Stand in front of the station of Meihekou city sculpture lines in the form of material, to provide local information, convenient information. There are chat rooms at the end of the website, login several times, remember once, 23 users online…… These are the only impressions of the harbor.


dating (address:, pink style. I was reading a book and often listened to the radio show in Meihekou. The host called Jia Lin, in the program is interspersed with Jia Lin friends network introduction. Once registered this website, the function is good, there are Liuhe, rock and other nearby counties, the registered users in the website.

same period, a style of fresh web site appears. Mui ho hotline (Web site:, auxiliary domain name:, has been named: Mei River online. Domain name is personality, when the area code for Meihekou. In the impression, this website has experienced a revision, the first edition blue style, the latter warm color style, revised the new Yangzhou procedure. The home of the webmaster is Liaoyuan, the computer business in the plum river, and now do express business in Meihekou.

time: at the end of 03, 04 years

Meihekou’s early Internet users should remember a web site, the E forum, where the best local popularity was gathered. Light green style, very fresh. In my contact with this forum, there should be four hundred or five hundred registered members, and out of a forum weekly. Later, the domain name management was poor and the forum closed. At the end of 04, blue style "I’d mouth" Forum (address: opened, but did not regain city E things lively. The forum administrator was a cadet student who had graduated and became an army officer.

04 October, Meihekou information network (Web site: opened, the site was originally set up a green style mobile network forum, the forum did not last long closed. The first page of the site is >

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