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is now off for more than 4 years of development, from the beginning of the advertising model to fine content now appear, although still limited to SEO and micro-blog, but the essence of the pattern has changed, to be in an invincible position, into the bucket of gold in the rapid development of Taobao customers, we must first understand the is the process of its development.

Taobao customer’s main development process is as follows: first, the initial stage. As long as there is a Taobao guest website, traffic can generally be converted into revenue. Two stage of development and change. That is, accurate flow phase, point to point user promotion, to attract users to click to buy. Three, advanced stage. To retain users with rich web content, enabling users to rely on.

one, primary stage

this is the most common way Taobao customers just started. Mainly because the entire network of Taobao railway stations are not a few, and users can visit Taobao less. So, this period of network marketing is relatively easy, as long as through the forum or micro-blog post etc., allowing users to understand your site and click enter, the user basically will be in at least half a month for you to create traffic and commission. Some people say that this stage is SEO bull market stage, many keywords are related to Taobao, such as ", Taobao ", online shopping and so on. So it’s really crazy for Taobao to use popular words at this time. Some people have done statistics, there is a station a day of IP ten thousand, of course, at least over 10000 months of income, this is not by accurate traffic to statistics, and if traffic is a little more accurate, every day thousands are possible. Because it is the initial stage, API site flooding, all kinds of no shopping guide value of the API site, simply call Taobao data. But these sites can make money, because the beginning of Taobao customers less. During this period, a group of typical money making websites emerged, with some earning more than 130 thousand at most. However, since no follow-up to the development of the Internet, has now disappeared. This is the Taobao customer’s initial rules, click on the amount is king.

two, stage of development and change,

With the acceleration of the Internet,

accelerates the pace of social life. Users don’t have more time to click on the complex API sites that they need to push and push accurately. Once you open your website, you can see what you need, and then go directly to the classification phase to save a lot of time.

this requires the rectification of the Taobao market, not simply to attract clicks. Because the click alone does not mean that Taobao site conversion, and even some high clicks, but reduced the conversion rate of Taobao customers. This makes Taobao passengers into an accurate era, there has been a lot of accurate traffic. Taobao customers are more concerned about the quality of traffic, rather than simply pursuing quantity. This makes the scope of the user more accurate, will not waste unnecessary hard work. So, here it is

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