nstance pro test independent P benefits for SEO

first explained to everyone, this article is indeed a soft text, but also share the independent IP virtual host can effectively improve the site of the actual process of weight, master float over……

I have a domain name www.ruhekaiwangdian.com, registered in March 24th, began to use a month of ordinary virtual host, although Baidu included, but not much improvement.

background to use independent IP virtual host, less than 10 days, the site RP to 2, for a new registration only more than a month of Web site, this is very surprised me. Don’t think this way I have done any special action, the chain I use two points: first, use the Internet to say "automatic online noise", that is, inquires the website information by the chain of that method. I’m sure many friends know that. Two, to the friendship link exchange network made an automatic link. Inside is to transfer two or three articles to the website every day.

is not the experience, but the new domain name RP to 2, and now a lot of keywords in Baidu and GG have good rankings, is indeed independent IP virtual host brings benefits.

independent IP virtual host has just entered the home is not very long, so now with the independent IP virtual host SEO is indeed a good choice, for independent IP virtual host, I have a lot of thought, then I selected a special agent idc.borui8.com, the price of one can get a free virtual independent IP the host is very good. I think a lot of stationmaster can accept this kind of price.

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