Discussion on how enterprises treat network marketing at the present stage

recently with the company closer, found a common problem, when the word enterprise boss a network marketing is very exclusive, at first I am not clear, why network marketing (e-commerce) is not good? Later with all kinds of enterprises contact more, from slowly found, in fact, they are not on the network marketing offensive, they also know that the future of the enterprise through the network marketing business will be necessary to carry out their own trend, but to know that they want to go to, here is a problem, it is that they do not know how to do, so the network marketing consultant, a batch of it come, whether they appear to bring the gospel to the enterprise? Whether they can bring the expected performance for the enterprise? This is what we would expect to see the future, but from the current Before the development situation, the industry is not doing well, because they bring a series of wrong information, so that the business owners of Internet marketing a skeptical attitude, or they think network marketing is more like the style of the Alibaba. Of course, now in our online marketing industry can be described as a variety of ah, such as website optimization, keyword analysis, the overall planning of the site analysis, and so on. But if you do a good job today, there should be few in the online marketing industry.

how does the business owner really realize that network marketing is practical and effective? Personally, I think it should be developed from the perspective of training, and let the business owners understand the knowledge of Internet marketing. Knowledge is the ocean of wealth.

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