Real magic happens when a creative brief doesn’t (necessarily) result in an ad

first_imgIn a new piece for The Drum’s “Opinion” section, 360i Chief Strategy Officer Raig Adolofo argues that the outdated nature of the creative brief holds agency pros back from greatness. He writes, “In this brave new advertising world, brands are built under ever-changing circumstances; every client needs a true business partner, and agencies need to be able to address challenges with creative problem-solving. And to be sure, there is no shortage of complex business problems to be solved.”Raig notes that modern agencies must be capable of providing different, unique answers to clients’ needs, and that at the root of this lies the fact that creative briefs are in desperate need of a makeover.How can agencies move towards solving that problem? Raig introduces five key steps:1. Invite the agencies in earlier.2. Interrogate the challenge with them.3. Organize an open brief.4. Be open minded.5. Define new metrics for success.Read more in The Drum to learn how rethinking the creative brief can help create stronger results for both clients and agencies.Follow Raig Adolfo (@Raig) 360i (@360i) and The Drum (@TheDrum) on Twitter.last_img

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