Mou Changqing talking about how to improve the Baidu index

, the first draft of this article was written last year. It was a way to help a XX network write how to improve the Baidu index. Many large and medium-sized websites value this very much, especially when some VCs, when advertisers evaluate the overall strength of a website, Baidu index is a very good basis. At that time, my friend wrote for me, and I wrote 10 or so at random. It was a little entertainment, but each one said it was the truth to raise the Baidu index.

1: in order to improve and improve the way

does not consider consequences and effects only for the purpose of achieving the method

1: use software brush

asked how to improve the Baidu index at home, and one of his friends replied that he could use the software brush, but he didn’t know what kind of software it was.

online can often see a lot of Baidu Related words brush service, may be software brush out of it. Now people are also very smart, know directly brush a word is no meaning, brush another natural flow of words related words, through such effective search. Before searching "network promotion", "website promotion", often see some puzzling related words.

2: keyword search results by resource push

is just like affiliate ads, which directly push keyword search results. For example, when the exchange of traffic, the partner directly linked to our "XX network" this keyword Baidu search results, so that artificial increase in search volume.

3: increase the intensity of all aspects of

, that is, the "XX network" traffic do, pay attention to many users, the Baidu index will naturally grow up.

4: do a good job with Baidu fraud (this is purely entertainment)

Baidu bought the Baidu index XX net ".

5: make the website domain name difficult to remember a bit (this is purely entertainment)

two popular similar sites, if one of the site’s domain name complex difficult to remember, users can not remember, but also want to go to this site, only to Baidu search. In this way, the Baidu index also naturally hurt, and it seems that this site seems more popular than other websites.

here to make a statement, the above means, I am useless……

two: a viable way to increase the Baidu index through existing resources

1: on the product to the user to deepen the "XX network" brand impression

now many users through the League promotion, search engines into "XX" network, but many users complete the entire user experience, may not remember what is the website. The next time they have the same requirements, they don’t expect to go straight to the XX web site. That is, we should work hard on the product, let Internet users >!

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