Personal website successfully planning six steps

‘s successful web site means that your business will be able to gain more customers from the Internet, rapidly expanding corporate awareness and creating more business opportunities.

if you still think that the website is a product manual on the Internet, it can only serve as a propaganda role for the enterprise, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal level of success. Successful websites are sure to bring more business and significantly increase sales.

foreign research institutions pointed out that, according to the six step operation of the website, its visits increased by 400%. It is really worth our careful study. They are:

1. Deliver clear marketing information

conveys clear marketing information, which means that the information presented by the website is easily accepted by visitors and helps to further the visitors. This is the key problem in the planning of the website. Most enterprises believe that the product’s function, characteristics, technical specifications described in detail, how many awards and how long the production history, etc., on the website, enough to convey the content needed to clear. Well, that’s not a bad idea. But are you sure this is the most effective way to do that,


no.. The most effective way is to deliver your information from the customer’s point of view. Who is your target customers? You can give customers what help? They can get what benefits from your products and services? They make a purchase decision or a cooperative invitation will produce what kind of concerns? How do you express these benefits to their familiar

?The new

professionals will take time and effort together with you to study and solve this problem, formed the perfect site planning book, to ensure that your website caters to the needs of visitors, send clear marketing information.

two, optimized layout for search engines

in view of the optimized layout of search engines, we should consider the working characteristics of search engines in web design, and be beneficial to search engines in page layout and layout.

according to statistics, the Internet is 70%-80% visitors through the search engine to query information, your site to get the search engine included only the opportunity to appear in the most visitors in sight, but because of the limitation of the search engine technology, we must adopt suitable decision recognition technology to ensure its website to obtain its retrieval.

, for example, search engines don’t understand pictures and flash content, and the large amount of use of these elements can affect the robot’s ability to read your web site. Because of this, some internationally renowned enterprise websites are based on simplicity and generosity, and exercise restraint on the use of Flash and pictures.

of course, web design at the same time to follow the web standard, the page should be verified by W3C, so as to ensure that the design of the web page can display in different browsers have a good website promotion, to lay a good foundation.

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