The development of small local website development ideas of Zoupian Jian Feng

in this paper, a unique perspective is used to subvert the traditional way to share new ideas for webmaster friends to share websites. Generally speaking, small city websites must be streamlined and rich in content, and the content of the website must be highly related. The theme is prominent, and the profit channels are diversified. Want to jump out of the website and do website, can not be confined to established ideas, dead support!


website development, as with the entity business development model, are regular, there are ways. And jump out of the website, do a website, take curve to save the development way of type, it is the shortcut of website of small city development undoubtedly. Here is my own "Loudi home network" development experience as the blueprint, to share with you about the money, improve the impact of the site approach. Ideas determine the way out. Webmaster friends must calm down, savor, can guarantee is, if you understand, then your website is not far from success!


1. as a local site, IP is not important, and the PR value of GG is not important,

I think now webmaster friends, often entangled in the PR value of the site, in IP and traffic competition, yes, for the web site, these indicators are more important, but not the most important. Especially as a local website, as a new station. IP and flow need to start slowly, if the eyes just staring at the IP and flow, it is difficult to grasp the essence of the local station, that is the local information, there will be no more time and energy to develop new users and the development of local line activities. Then you will say: the website has no traffic and influence, how to make money? My answer is: please look at the following fifth, make use of other people’s resources to make money, and publicize yourself. Enhance the reputation of your website in operation.

2. small local website positioning, the layout of the plate to streamline,

because the city is relatively small, the population is not large, the demand for the network is not very large, so as far as possible to streamline the section, because some of the post is difficult to come up, for example, Loudi people’s network as an example. Chatting with two section properties of entertainment irrigation had little difference, can be made one. Activities, entertainment and outdoor can serve as a forum, so the advantage is that the information concentration, so that members feel that there is something to see. As a small place, the amount of information is not much, and manpower can not keep up. After streamlining, it is relatively refined. When building a section, we must find local characteristics, for example, Zhangjiajie, which is a tourist attraction, should pay more attention to tourist information and information.

in general, as local websites and forums. Nothing more than the necessary sections: property, second-hand housing, decoration, building materials, cars, wedding, childcare, group buying, tourism, etc.. In the development of the section, we should refer to the local similar sites and sections. The enemy, it measures the heart bottom. For example, our city real estate is very hot, and there are many real estate websites, and there are two very well done, if you compete with each other, the site does not have advantages. So I decided to compete differently. The real estate channel to the owners community, the surface is only a literal difference, there is a real difference between the essence. Most of the real estate network is news

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