SOA: Small Projects are showing immediate ROI

first_imgWhile some large SOA projects struggle, smaller and incrementally deployed projects are showing immediate returns on investment.  A recent article by Heather Havenstein tracked some successful small-scale SOA projects, including one at Siemens AG in Munich.Siemens first implemented an SOA-based solution to automate IT requests for items like new equipment and passwords.  After other departments saw the system in action they requested something similar for themselves.  Being SOA, many of the components were reusable and similar solutions were easy to roll out, allowing processes across a number of departments to improve.Siemens focus was to select processes that we re-occuring hundred and thousands of times each day and also ro reapply components constructed for the initial pioneering apps.The very nature of SOA encourages incremental expansions and updates rather than monolithic implementations that are hard to upgrade and patch.  Keeping large, big-bang implementations focused on company goals is hard — once these project starts up, mid-course adjustments are very difficult.  That’s not the case with SOA.The article quotes Tracy LeGrand of Ameriprise Financial Inc. in Minneapolis as saying that “SOA is a journey with incremental benefits”.last_img

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