On the importance of self media marketing material QQ space chapter

since January began to do from the media, to today’s nearly two months, a total of more than 10 logs and thousands of words. These content, mainly through friends reprinted share, which brought me a lot of fans, every day there are dozens of people plus me QQ. Now let’s talk about how to make a large size.

1. from the core of the media,

in general, from the media, regardless of QQ space, micro-blog and WeChat, its core is content. In the past published in the talk, well written can resonate, and its point of praise, forwarding, sharing rate is significantly higher than written in general. In addition, attracting fans to pay attention to the root cause of power is also from the log and talk about content, good content in order to attract real fans, but also our target group.


is the core content, then we will do the content, the content we need according to their own space to locate the name, location of different space we are not the same, take my QQ space for example (laugh aunt father), its core content is odd (especially funny sell adorable flower is animal), found especially GIF and long figure is very popular figure animal like, why would a fixed direction, one is because the fans really love has to find out what content has been determined; two can make the audience more widely, to attract more people to pay attention.




, these GIF pictures and long drawings are all our fans’ favorite, so our positioning is in these areas. In fact, QQ spatial information dissemination soon, a good creative content is forwarded or a lot of, and was forwarded to other people’s space, and will affect his friend, the degree of diffusion is a geometric magnification,


2. say how to write the title

we say a good title can attract fans to click to read


, when we talk about it, we should say something about a good title according to our pictures and the type of fans. We send content even if the general content, but the title of the finished, fans click in to see, perhaps he likes, then it may be forwarding point praise, so as to bring us more fans. No matter how you write, you must highlight the value points, there are attractive places to click.

3. talk about the source of the log content

has said the first space is the core content, so we need to get the contents from what place? We know that in many places, but a lot of content is repeated, so we need to constantly delete selected content later. Especially my space (laughter, aunt, father), the content is funny

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