Simple comb enterprise to do network marketing whole process

today, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises want to from many competitors in talent shows itself the first thing to do is to improve the site traffic, because traffic is to buy business and order that users want to love their products and services, first of all let users see your products and services, our common method to increase site traffic there are many, the most common is to improve the site keywords ranking, keyword ranking is the most commonly used method is to ensure that enterprises get good network marketing effect, each big enterprise in order to create a good web site keywords ranking have built their own SEO team, the author will talk about the website ranking and the relation of the enterprise.

first: select the website keyword

is usually the first step we do network marketing is to choose the appropriate site keywords, the keywords must be closely related to their industry association, and their products and services, but also to ensure that there is a certain amount of retrieval, usually when we select the site keywords will Baidu index and webmaster keywords analysis tools, these tools can be very intuitive to the degree of competition and keyword search volume in front of us, the rest depends on how to choose for the novice webmaster, SEOer is often to the site choice of keywords is the first to look at the index tools, and for veterans, with keywords to position SEO keen sense of smell the industry had predicted that there has been a series of projects to be selected, and then through the analysis of the competition and Simple index reference can determine website keywords. For the same industry positioning website keywords are actually about the same, but there are also many webmaster friends have unique insights, specifically looking for some of the more we can get the flow of words, this word is more conducive to optimization, to have such insights have a considerable understanding of the industry, but also to try to figure out to the user’s search habits, want to do this is very difficult.

second: get traffic by keyword

after a good website keywords and then began to do because of the high ranking, website ranking is the best way to drainage, when the user wants to know a certain aspect of the information, usually to use Baidu Search, only when our website keywords on Baidu users will have more chance to position good enough come to our website to know our products, so how to ensure that our web site keywords ranking has a favorable position in Baidu! The SEO technology involves, general site weight and ranking are complementary, high weight website ranking nature is good, but to improve the site weight in the content of the website, the chain, Links and internal optimization efforts, which I think we should all know, usually do, but. It depends on how deep you know SEO and whether you have original ideas and methods.

third: let traffic get transformed

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