Before Baidu updates it’s really a sign

a few days ago in the ADMIN5 above to see a "you know before you sign the Baidu update" article, this article is mainly about Baidu in time before the update will be relevant to your web site outside of the chain will also be updated, then see the screenshot, analyzed it, think about there is a reason.

However, I

a new website "PS learning network" has not been Baidu update, so it could not confirm the Baidu update or sign, because this PS my learning network set up time to nearly half a month, Google and other search sites are included is normal, Baidu not to face, but Baidu spiders will come every day, but yesterday is the day Baidu spiders are not to go, is usually a day to a few, I also think that Baidu is not setup I would come from the website.

can think of Baidu will put out my website, it is because I have a web site before Baidu was lifted, before releasing is Baidu spider a day did not come to my site, such as the two day I open my computer, I found that Baidu on the net station re opened, so this time Baidu did not come to my site, I would suggest that Baidu may have to put my site closed, this is Baidu another sign before the update, just another webmaster wrote "you know there are signs of Baidu update before you shake the echoes of


webmaster network starter, reprinted please note from "PS learning network" "


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