B2BVSB2C key user experience differences

although there are many similarities between B2B and B2C, B2B’s customers have very different needs.



B2B website and B2C website have a lot in common: they need to establish a clear information architecture, contains compelling content, they care about the details of the product or service, and has a simple interaction. Essentially, almost all of the user experience guidelines that apply on the B2C web site are also available on the B2B web site. When we are testing on B2B sites, we often hear the gap between the business customers’ Tucao B2B sites and those well designed 2C sites.

our research on the B2B site covers a very large number of verticals, and argues that there are 5 major differences between user experience requirements for B2B and B2C sites.

difference 1: website content must serve long-term purchase decisions rather than impulse spending.

B2B’s buying behavior is rarely impulsive. More often, it is the result of a long, complex decision process because they need to pay a fairly high price for the product and expect a longer time. The buying behavior of ToB often involves the role of all levels and functions of the company.


each purchase decision, often need to research a few weeks, months or even years, then they will these different schemes to share with more people in the team to research, demonstration and decision making.

The buying behavior of

is basically because they have problems and need to be solved. Initially, they may be less aware of such segments, industries, or products, but simply looking for solutions to specific problems. Once the user has a simple understanding, they will begin to study their competitors carefully and look for the best solution.

in order to serve B2B customers at all purchase decision stages, you need:

1, such as articles, blogs, online discussions, technical papers, buy content guidelines and case study, to help users understand the solution in the early stage of type, you can solve the problem is how to understand the typical work, and your products and services to become the key to solve these problems

2, make sure your content is clear: why do you solve this set of problems so that users who visit your site can evaluate your competitors as a standard?. These also reflect your professionalism. Since the Kaiser emperor, military commanders have learned the importance of choosing a battlefield to suit their own military superiority. You need to do this, too. In persuasive design, this concept is called the framework.

3, acknowledge your competitors’ product and pass form or text >

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