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‘s authentic local features are a key element in the development of local web sites. Local websites only show their own characteristics, and they will be accepted and recognized by local audiences. About the local website characteristic cultivation, Shao Guihu’s local station series article has already elaborated in the culture, the news, the emotion and so on. This article intends to communicate with you at this point.

in the local website, show your culture "sword", cited the collection of graphic content and promotion methods, this time to continue to talk about the content of the layout of the local website graphic content, show problems.

one, the role of graphic display:

1, highlighting features. "One picture wins thousands of words". The content of the picture and text is far more sensitive than the content of the text. The content of the picture and text is one of the most effective expressions of the local features of the website.

2, beautify the web page. Appropriate content of graphics and text, while highlighting local features, can also make web pages more colorful and readable.

two, graphic content:

1, "local web site," show your culture "sword" mentioned in the "graphics and text" section content. This is a collection of local feature pictures;

2, in addition to a special "graphic" section, "reading" (local history), "image" (local video) and "elite" (local celebrities) also need to show the contents of. The local website can select the best among them. The article is mostly text form, as they can with pictures, then graphic display.

three, graphic presentation

local website, after a period of time, do a good job of local features of the local graphic content, this is still not enough. Good content, but not necessarily everyone can see, this is a graphic content in your website show way of problem. How can I get the most graphic content to be seen by most users?

1, graphic content show a lot of ways, the webmaster can according to their own website features flexible layout;

2, displaying wonderful graphic content on as many pages as possible;

3, as much as possible in eye-catching location show wonderful graphic content, such as the header, footer, page content, and advertising, excellent content also needs to be found;

4, if there are many pictures in the same article, you should choose the best angle, color and other aspects;

5, beautiful picture, with concise and vivid characters, in order to achieve the effect of illustrations.

four, graphic display of the case

takes the graphic content display of Yanggu network as an example:

1, graphic content display eye-catching location, the station rear banner visible;


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