Coliseum introduces new bag policy

first_imgThe Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has implemented new security policies that will be in effect for all USC football home games, including this Saturday’s home opener against Utah State.The changes come as the Coliseum is now also home to the Los Angeles Rams, meaning the stadium must comply with NFL security protocol. In May, the NFL Committee on Stadium Safety implemented new regulation on the size and type of bag that may be brought into the stadium in order to ease and expedite  the security process of fans who are entering the stadium.The most drastic change in Coliseum policy is the new rule that allows only clear bags into the stadium. The dimensions of the bag must not exceed 12”x6”x12.” Alternatively, the new measure allows fans to bring a one-gallon, clear reusable storage bag with them.The Coliseum will continue to allow small clutches into the stadium as long as they are about the size of a hand — they may not be larger than 4.5”x6.5.” They may or may not have a strap.The security measure does not limit or change the items that fans are allowed to enter the stadium with, just the manner in which they do so. Bags that are no longer permitted include fanny packs, backpacks and camera bags.The Coliseum cited terrorist attacks, specifically the events in Paris and San Bernardino, as factors that led to the adoption of this policy. This policy is uniform with all NFL stadiums, and some universities have adopted similar policies. The University of Michigan and Michigan State University both do not allow any bags in their respective stadiums.In order to enforce the new policy, an additional security checkpoint has been set up where security personnel will check for prohibited bags and items before fans reach the Coliseum entry gates. Due to the new perimeter fence and the Exposition Park construction, tailgating space near gates 4, 16 and 19 is no longer accessible.last_img

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