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May 8th, small program open cluster related capabilities.

venture business magic nine: choose pavement to enter, it is best to choose in the flourishing place. The pavement should be clean and tidy and the salable goods should be displayed in conspicuous places. Be familiar with the goods in the store. Prevent goods from deterioration or damage.


business is a magic weapon: Winner loser Kou, shopping malls such as the battlefield. Do business with people should be vigilant, do not trust too much people. The defense of the heart without harm, can not have the heart, in the business field of friends is just business friends, once the trading relationship ended, this friend will light you don’t expect he can help you, can earn him the money you make, you do not harm the heart it is the.

May 12th, small program data assistant released.

venture business magic six: if you are exclusive varieties, fork is a new breed, you have earned a lot of money. You might get rich! You have to sell high prices. It’s better to be on the moon. You laugh and cry yourself. This is a chance to make a fortune in your whole life. A man’s life is two times. That’s what we call "chance",

looks like, after nearly half a year’s "small fire simmer", WeChat team finally sit still. Usually hold for a long time, you will become awful.

today, only one aspect of the battle is predicted. There are eggs at the end of this article.

, President of Dongsheng Consulting Group, has summed up the following ten magic weapons and shared it with you through a long period of research and practice.

but this time, WeChat seems to answer, after a series of iterations, Janus pointed has gradually clear.

1, 2017, between the Internet giants of the war will be more intense and brutal, although it looks but a variety of strategic layout in smooth water, quietly forward, a war is imminent, the There was no parallel in history.

venture business magic four: supply should be sufficient, ready goods, guests come, not because of goods and disappointed. If the guest is not a few times to buy goods, he might not have come.

last year, unfamiliar street suddenly halfway out, live in areas reflect the striking in sniper off the record, the financial figures bears bright blind eyes. But before the battle was over, Tang Yan pushed the video campaign". Famous people see at a glance, this fight is quickly. In fact, as quickly by the "live + cash flow based" has achieved outstanding results.

venture business magic three: to understand the market, the hand when the shot. There are people coming, you have to pick the edge, and sometimes business should also talk about fate. Some unpopular goods, the village does not have that shop. If you don’t sell, you have to wait for a certain amount of time, which may affect your turnover.

venture business magic eight: to buy, not to sell. Requirements into good goods, cheap goods, in the stock up and down hard work, looking for origin, looking for resources. Don’t try to sell the goods, as long as you are right, the guests will come.

A review of the

May 10th, near the small program features on-line.

venture business magic five: to be honest and trustworthy, do not sell fake goods. Make clear to the guest the specifications and quality of the goods. Be warm and generous, and let the benefit to customers, not to haggle over every ounce. Any guest hate duanjinshaoliang.

half a year, WeChat small program has gradually away from the public opinion center, out of the sight of people. But recently this time, a small program team moves frequently, always at night attack, released Mengliao:

May 27th, small program code generation unlimited, data analysis optimization, template information upgrade.

in the first half of this year, a small program has been questioned: what are you doing? On was off as a public number, the experience is not as good as app, hiding in the corner, neither can the flow of dividends, profit realized, I developed it do what

business magic two: before did not know each other, do not charge out, so as not to fail to payment of money and goods two losses". Although the business has not been completed for the time being, but you do not regret it, your goods are still available, you can also sell to others.

put more on the dimensions of current Internet circle like the classic Mobile Games ball "major combat", before the tiger, wolf after all kinds of hidden dangers.


June 1st, the public tweets can be opened by text links applet.

2, our life will be because of this war to gain more benefits, just as the thousands of war, war, o2o bike like World War II, and people’s consumption habits, content acquisition transaction, will thus change greatly.

Mr. ?


May 19th, you can place forwarding buttons to enrich basic capabilities.

3, from the aftermath of this war, from the media, small business or even micro business, it is possible to make a big profit.

the author attempts to make three predictions through this article:

two, Zhang Xiaolong’s two major battlefield,

business venture magic seven: when talking about business, don’t let the guest feel you want to sell things to him, then he will fall your price. You should sum up a set of techniques that you express words showing me something that is popular, you just don’t do, I just put the things left to others, so as not to say I don’t keep promise". But don’t speak up and let the guest feel like you’re telling a lie. The guest will sell your goods immediately because of his rebellious behavior.

small program is to engage in things,

a small program to enlarge the recruit,

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