Local Drunk let someone bring you a drink in a strange cityDamage to interests can not be protected

to the destination, you can drink and chat, you can also own location and photos of the night to the other party. On the morning of the second day, you’ll receive reminders and ask for a score – hopefully your hangover isn’t too bad. On the other hand, it also avoids the problem of someone passing the Local Drunk posing as an expert and advertising to some businesses in secret.

in 2011, is a big day for me, hard to do for a year the site slowly grow up, also can maintain the basic expenses, but fourth days makes me feel a headache, I should continue, or to go his way, I should decide on what path to follow?

this is called Ali mother’s customer service answer, really have a set of, the owner admitted cheating, you also go to verify, anyway, the Commission is not to you, recall the previous day of the frozen door, I think >!

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in your personal page, in addition to photographs, name, age and other traditional personal information, Local Drunk will ask you to fill out other information, such as the most love to drink wine, and intend to spend much money.

open Local Drunk, you can find an enthusiastic person in a strange city, let TA take you to drink a



Local Drunk URL: http://s.local-drunk/

as usual today open the Taobao website guest income, found a large value of 5399 yuan Lenovo notebook computer, can’t wait to open the mom back view of commission, found that the Commission is 3%, overjoyed, 150 of the Commission, I feel pretty good, but carefully look silly, the Commission is only 70 yuan, carefully a look and found that the actual turnover is 2399, open the product page immediately found a strange phenomenon, the price really is 5399 ah, is the owner to avoid cheating commission? Mom after the consultation service answer is "that may be the treasurer and his old customer promotions, I was halo, what promotions so good ah, 5000 yuan notebook computer 60% discount, I have to buy taiwan. One is the typical owner repeatedly cheating, and Ali mother concludes "" customer service negotiation is needed according to actual condition, if you do have to avoid the Commission’s behavior, we are sure to deal with, but you also said the deal you refer to guess, we cannot process "let me consult the owner also said that what is going on, I don’t think I’m stupid, the owner is not stupid, I asked him to say? The answer is yes, then I take the opposite, Ali mother not to evidence?, I give you, I communicate with the owner, of course not directly asked they are not in order to escape the Commission, following everyone see me and chat screenshots owner:


The first day of the

? That is, in order to evade the payment to our Taobao passenger Commission, now, to get the evidence, they took the evidence for mom in customer service, and again disappointed, Ali mother customer speaking level is really too high, repeatedly is sorry not to commission, please see the chat screenshot:


as a stranger, you need to spend their own money to buy wine, do not expect "drinking" pay for you, he will only tell you which is the most popular in the local pub, or which is the most distinctive hotel. The other catering costs borne by you; but don’t worry about wine care problems, because you need to first set the maximum amount of willingness to pay in Local Drunk, only for your interest in offer people will come together and you have a drink.




when you come to a strange city, Local Drunk can connect you with a local person who is familiar with the city’s good drinking place. However, you must first login to Facebook to verify that you are in the city and that you are not a Local Drunk user.

clear Chen

Local Drunk is developed for multiplayer chat, but the current version only supports one to one chat. Development team member Woolf Skei Viken Dick Ulf Schwekendiek said: "there are still some finishing work at the moment. I am sure I will submit the application for App Store on the shelves."."




for alcoholic people, came to a strange city, most of them unbearable thing is probably hard to find like-minded friends "". Don’t worry, an application called Local Drunk can help you do all this easily.

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