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Sheng think: do make click Wangzhuan is a systematic project, and not easily little advertising so simple? Let Sheng said to make careful.

so many beginner doubt, is how to do is click Wangzhuan


many times, you do not want to think of other people’s creativity, to say good friends just listen to it, some of the creative can not produce practical benefits. A lot of people are not interested, and that will be the end.

2, overall planning. Click Wangzhuan, there must be overall planning. Click on the project to grow tens of thousands, a single individual force is difficult to take all. But not all click wangzhuan. This plan you decide which type of project, or individuals that make more money that kind of click Wangzhuan best has a plan to make money?. With this, you can easily turn off in the click wangzhuan.

2009 PTC BUX or click on the field has been in the doldrums, but is interested in click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice, is another taste.

personal Adsense, the most bitter force. A website from the line to the operation, is a person.

moreover, many people have jobs. It’s impossible to put down the work in hand and >

Sheng make suggestions in the higher click Wangzhuan novice, consider the above three aspects, this is personal for you at the click on the project development, to have a little help.

? I actually want to set up a team, a game like I did recently, buried himself for a month, until now not on the line. I also want to find a few aspiring young people together to do, and contact a number of friends online, said, let’s go together, it was also said well, do it, every other day, there will be no news. At the same time as their ability, not their technology, will do website, for those are not only useful programming, is writing, feel do not contribute.

Why is

was formed in March 9, 2013 by absolutely good, the main business of sh419 optimization, website construction, brand planning, crisis management and integrated marketing, from the beginning only 3 months now team staff of 11 people. I’m looking at them, too.

suddenly think, China webmaster millions, the webmaster in the leader only a few. And the vast majority of webmaster is a person alone, can not form a team.

earned a station :381528447, interested friends can also add group 774338728, communicate together.

, that’s the strength of the team.

, first of all, what I know recently:

why not set up a team? No team, even if there is no better project can not do it.

many questioned, click Wangzhuan is declining? Coming from millions of Wangzhuan novice, can see, click Wangzhuan and not out of date, at least in the advertising age, Wangzhuan click survival space.

building teams is sometimes difficult,

after market washing, there are a number of projects have withstood the test of time, and formed its own unique advantages, have the strength. These projects generally have greater adaptability to market shocks and avoid market crises. These projects, beginner must be done, and must do.

build a team? A person who can’t finish his work even if he has no spare time, and he takes time on the internet. Individuals need 1 months time, last night, the team will be in a week, we work together to achieve the desired results.

Sheng earn to click Wangzhuan, click these excellent projects, generally looks quite ordinary, but is a website template, or make money, do not see what fresh, which often makes a part of these projects did not pass, cooked, the accumulation of money they skills is a big loss.

our business is generally faced with the test of capital and manpower, and the team may have solved these problems.

, 90iter, a team, I don’t know what it’s about. Most of the members are 90. Many also in school, high school students, junior high school students have. First of all, do not say that they develop, but the way is right. The division of labor is also clear.

The role of the

1, click Wangzhuan determination. Click on advertising every day must, this boring work, at least repeated every day, will make many people can not see the light. Therefore, do not click Wangzhuan, this determination is not enough, as long as you click Wangzhuan slightly to understand, let you make a choice of immediate interests.

for example, you have a good idea and a good project. You one day and night. There were some results, but it wasn’t long before you found out that the other model was the same as you did. He did better than you, the members were more than you, and yes, they had a team. Copy your website model and make it more perfect. Tencent has been doing this for so many years.

Why does

3, done by hard clicking on item

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