know 4399 one of those things How did the shares of Cao Zheng shrinkYang Wenjian how do earn 1

Cai Wensheng said the 265 site navigation to tens of millions of dollars to Li Kaifu at the shlf1314 China, transformed into a bird, began to do angel investment, this is in the middle of 2007. China Internet industry has a large number of people are beginning in 2007 after doing angel investment side start looking for a wave of opportunities, in addition to Cai Wensheng, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Zeng Liqing, Xu Xiaoping at this point in time to jump down, this appears to be a coincidence, in fact inevitable, single day or eight, etc. hot money a Book fixing before do spoilers.

4, the net name for online fast record, a clear tell so want to record friends, he provides online filing service.

sold hao123 to sh419, Li Xingping was happy one or two years later, that is, in 2004 to find a new opportunity, that is, 4399 small game station. Li Xingping doing traffic is a genius, and soon, 4399 small game station into the top 100 sites in China website.


Cai Wensheng angel, in fact or in stationmaster Congress as the foundation, wrap the grassroots, and docking the mainstream VC, before Cai Wensheng was packing Xue Manzi, Cai Wensheng himself ran again after that one of the doorways, 265 sold at stations, Cai Wensheng hands have enough cash, Cai Wensheng wants to play. In fact, in fact, before the 265 site to sell, Cai Wensheng has begun to play, 58, storm and other cases are Cai Wensheng star case involved.

second, plus N group, in order to win the quantity, the quantity is bigger, the turnover is greater.

Cai Wensheng began to be an angel, and the most wanted was to circle Li Xingping into the Bureau, but Li Xingping himself made good money. Why cooperate with Cai Wensheng?. Around the 2007, changes in the external environment began to make this possible. China grassroots webmaster polymerization flow, also in 2007 to 2008, this time point appeared a gap.

let Cai Wensheng think of a person, this person is Li Xingping. Although many business class media as Cai Wensheng is China Master Wang, but in private, Li Xingping is another China webmaster first person, this is due to the glorious past of Li Xingping hao123 Cai Wensheng had the chance to enter the hao123 before sh419, the story of Cai Wensheng in Xiamen for the left face told Lin uncle, but with this another eight independent single is really too shocked.


any one with directional high flow is a gold mine that can be developed. group is focused on a topic of concern for the crowd, such as Adsense group is concerned about the construction of the site crowd. You can provide IDC services, industry training, webmaster tools and other related services and products to this targeted group. Like the first space I sold, it was because I was standing in a high traffic crowd telling them I was offering server sharing services. Three pole speed sharing network, so loud name, tell webmaster friends, I provide space is multi line space, speed is extremely fast. Such a passive way can bring sales.

, neighbors, for a long time, wooden update, but uncle’s heart has been with our neighborhood. During 51, Lin uncle left idle at home, finishing the recent equity shrink create a great sensation Cao Zheng case and case 4399 of the sequence of events, another $one billion lesson, will be published I know 4399 of those things series.

prior to this, operators themselves are the realization of these flows home, but after 2006, operators began to drift away after rectification. sh419 and shlf1314 have been competing heavily over traffic, but as the search war begins to become clear


third, the online status is "Q me", the online state is " Q me, " the group members are at the forefront of the list of members of the group.

on the collection, I got the first share network agent, which is in the junior, in school is idle. I’ll toss, spent 1 yuan registered a CN binding domain to their own agency background, and then give their agents took part of the same name —- three line speed flat-share network, then put me on so I was the group name card into "three line network speed flat-share". In this way, slowly forgotten, forget me, but also agent sales space. Until one day, until one guest arrival.

one, buy members, the name is red, more conspicuous, the name can be placed in front of the group members.

when I graduated from college for two months, could not find work, their own do not have the ability to have no money, because of their strong no money to the family, friends and classmates when owe a debt. A guest at a speed of three flat-share group saw line "contact me, asked if I was selling space. That is, then through communication, the second day he gave me a Alipay play section 500, medium 50 is to ask me to eat meal expenses, remove the cost of space, I netted 200. I was happier than I am now, and I was so excited that I didn’t fall asleep for 100 thousand nights. Immediately from the Alipay elevator, Ma this guy want to Alipay to freeze two days to me now, two days later when I took out the 200 dollars from the bank, the "Mao Zedong" of the head, I see hope, I finally found a way to make money online.

last month, I was in the group to find a friend on the initiative for the record of a domain name, he also adopted this passive way to wait for customers. Apply for an number, buy members, plus N group, and then change the online status to "Q me", the internet name for online fast record, analysis of why he should do so.

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