Wangzhuan one build a code voting websitesFangpian manual five strokes to identify the Wangzhuan lia

: Observation of the design and the size of sites is not spent a lot of time, if the user experience and the sites are designed so that can express the station is to do want to do such a site, many swindlers station opposite, their domain name is two free, either the rent is free and that a server, cheated two months to earn money to change a place, this is the swindler is no way to do

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The principle of

four: see customer service Wangzhuan project, and related personnel review, of course Wangzhuan comment on the website are not credible, you can search on the Internet, look at others evaluation in other sites of the Wangzhuan site, so as to get more real information, if only for the customer to provide the contact so, basically can be said to cheat the possibility of relatively large, at least to a mobile phone number and a fixed number of

many friends may have heard what code, vote, and many of my friends have done to give others a code, polling thing, but many people do not understand this truth, why do I go to a code, the vote will be able to make money, where the money come from? What are their profits? This is the point I today.

do Wangzhuan more people, the market has a lot of people to fish in troubled waters in my group inside, so it is often said and deceived, while others might be cheated after problems found that most sites are some Wangzhuan site, even a dozen people at the same time with a cheat Wangzhuan station the visible now liar website deception is constantly upgrading, camouflage are becoming more sophisticated, but smart tricks are not careful scrutiny, but also for Wangzhuan station, combined with the author’s experience to their anti cheat manual increase of several anti skills

sites in the propaganda is simply too tempting, for example, spend three hours a day to earn one hundred, can even earn two hundred, sometimes is to let you invest 10 yuan or so will be able to have such a big reward is not very cost-effective, so they try holding the attitude to try it, but unfortunately attempts will be deceived, even without a



two: the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project station there is no feasibility and long-term, if a project can have a lasting effect of money is rarely appear scam, if only stage, shot for a place that basically is to get money for the purpose, if the normal station at all there is no website for playing non-stop, unless there is no place to spend the money


code I use the vernacular, is a person to recommend his website in the forum, blog and other places, but these forums, blog post is the need to enter the verification code, these things is to rely on manual operation, so the person will find the post content, the programmer wrote a propaganda address a small program, leaving only the input verification code to make the manual operation, the program gives a code, voting site here a code, voting site is equivalent to an intermediary, then let people out operation.


three: learn the online data observed in this site, such as a member of this site and the number of payment records, and the current traffic statistics and advertising, a liar website rarely spend more money to the same website to advertise, but also there are few payment records, is to see if there is no PS the scene, carefully observe the general site will always see a variety of fraud vulnerabilities, to see if you have no heart!


five: learn about the site’s operations and related comments from other sources, and if a lot of people think it’s a cheater, then be sure

Wangzhuan liar!Some people see the

now these sites do more successful, is the pay day of Wangzhuan alliance, there is Yongcheng Wangzhuan alliance, the two stations have done very well, is a typical representative of the site, I believe many of my friends have done a code, to vote in their station, they stand the success, whether you want to do like them a site to make money? I know that my essay, a lot of people watching, really do people rarely, it may not have to operate, but I decided to say, after all, can really make things also is one of the few people, want a friend can I see the article really made such a station, and on this station, the monthly income of over a million.

code with the vote is the same, some people want to have a good vote in a station, just want more people to vote for him, but also integrated a program to a code, voting site, the task is released out, let others to his operation.

I want to share with you today a series of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, is not so accurate, because I want to share with you some ideas is a series of construction sites, today to talk about is if you build a code class voting site to make money.

of course make a stand that, to overcome difficulties, not a short duration of time can be successful, so this project for Wangzhuan have the money and courage, people can endure loneliness, three minutes you can’t do something. The specific operation of the site is not what I want to talk about today, you need to practice more.

said I believe everyone will understand, that I want to say to everyone now, we will be the intermediary personnel, and not to do to give others a code, the vote of the people, of course, this depends on the character of the people, see you for what to do, if you just want to earn money. To a code, a vote.

The basic principle of

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