A5 marketing without professional guidance how to do

, select a set of trusted program


B: I do not know Shanghai Longfeng, just a day to do something that is ranking.

is like a "A" above said, brains algorithm research, but it is right down! Is a very important reason, is often overlooked by some Webmaster: any website can afford frequent toss, toss more, but right down more quickly.

A5 marketing: Yes, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, without professional guidance, can have the same rank, presumably a lot of stationmaster often have "A" above the same idea, think Baidu is really no eye! Really? In the behind, there will always be an inevitable reason, today, what have we come to these inevitable reasons.

now there are many websites to find we do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, but we refused, the reason: look at website there is a feeling of deja vu, without any sense of innovation in which even basic information is all the same. What do the

others succeed, it is because they only, so you want to set up in others the fruits of labor easily get the same results, how many good things in the world. "


generally speaking, our proposal is: if the website revision, then one-time revision in place, a revision number not more than 3 times, interval period, but also try to be longer.

two, the website is the first element of

A: heaven no eyes, I guess the brains algorithm, smiling Baidu, or drop right.

from a professional point of view, A5 marketing recommendation: CMS, CMS, discuz, ant Empire, Knight CMS, paragraph 4 of this program, its powerful function, can satisfy the industry website building. There are some known as Dede, is not recommended, do not say, reason: avoid lead to slobber war.


A: what? Do Shanghai dragon can also have

a lot of people out of the ordinary, often go to new in order to be different, choose some non mainstream program results? Cause Shanghai Longfeng problem, can not be found, also cannot solve. Relatively speaking, the mainstream of the program for several years, at least not because of improper procedures, appear to affect the fatal problem of website.

often have some Adsense on the site, every two or three days of modifications, lest they have nothing to do, the result is: the more frustrating, the lower the weight. The most fundamental reason, is ignored: the stability of the site, not only to the server stability, the site itself should be stable! You modify the information, it is necessary to re search engine cache, thus resulting in a large number of cycle capture, multiple versions of a snapshot of the problem is more common, finally, ranking

The stability of

three: the intention to do service station, users with

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