A5 marketing on the emergence of a large number of low quality education website page and create the

two, the emergence of a large number of sites within the city, no school curriculum

Idle channel classification page

today, website optimization education industry is a matter of major concern webmaster, many webmaster want to through the optimization of education website on the Internet first, to local and overseas courses and information services to the users to participate in training. But part of the webmaster to know is not some random optimization, optimization of website content, website page to add some random, resulting in the website optimization effect but no effect or in Shanghai after the update right down, this phenomenon can be seen from the site, there have been some problems, so the website optimization has no effect or reduced right. A5 marketing has been in contact with the education industry website optimization, get a lot of experience in education industry, many sites are of low quality because of too many pages to drop right, so today with you talk about this.

, a web site

, the classification of primary school English Channel page, but on no content, resulting in low quality page.

the emergence of a large number of


then, the emergence of a large number of sites within the city without the course content, this is the second page of low quality. Often go to browse the education industry website owners should know, many regional distribution sites, these areas are the main service training institutions in the region, such as New Oriental website, above >

rapid development in recent years, various industries from the line to line, and keep the leading industry online. From the part of the industry there are many industries are way ahead on the line, some large training institutions of education industry is an example, and online training institutions not only do very well, online also do very well, especially the New Oriental training institutions, through the Internet has created a lot of successful people. However, for some small training institutions or training institutions are on the Internet a green hand, this is a big advantage, so they also set up their own website and start the optimization, then pass through the web site will be training courses, some of the information to the user, which makes the education industry rise in Internet website.

first, a large number of idle channel classification page appears in the part of education website, this is the first page of low quality. From the small training platform can see on the website, a website has many channels and content classification, lack of classification in these channels, such as primary school, primary school, primary school mathematics English language of the three channel classification page, lack of targeted content can also be said to be empty in the three channel page classification page now, there are many websites are doing. A5 marketing believes that if a website lacks too many such content information, the search engine will directly to this page as the low quality of the page for a long time, the page stack more will bring to the site right down. So, in charge of education industry website owners if there is such a problem in a timely manner to improve.

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