As the nternet arena how many owners still wander about

second: Arena talent, you have your own housekeeping effort?

is a grass root webmaster is how to make it? From the rookie level master to the experienced old webmaster, the sad only experienced the most understanding, perhaps from the beginning only envy stationmaster life, day in front of the computer in the home office, do not need to go to work, do not need to look at the bosses. And so you can feed themselves, to feed even one family. This life is probably what you want, will the Webmaster Station, will PS, will point code and will do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it seems that what will be, is not very admire? So you study hard with N technology, establishment of communication in QQ, every day in the webmaster forums to see post back post. A few months after you had your first website, you tell yourself in the heart, must let the newborn website grow up.

high official positions and riches?

webmaster skills requirements can be omnipotent, not comprehensive and incompetent, individual stationmaster is the most important in the promotion. No matter what you are good at promotion, such as: Forum promotion or promotion of QQ, the research of one or two kinds of promotion way than wide and not good. There are various sects in the Jianghu, Wudang, Emei, beggars, these sects have their own housekeeping effort with beggars and Wudang Tai Chi Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon. As a personal webmaster should have their own skills, good at writing, good line promotion. The last is that you can adapt to this arena of life? How many individual owners have to endure hardship and.

some places have lakes, how did you quit? This is the movie The Legendary Swordsman in the classic lines, I recently read a new version of the "The Legendary Swordsman", the world is dangerous, no one seems to be amidst the winds of change, can truly The Legendary Swordsman, back to the Internet, which has been played for several years, however in the rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes but not brother legend, as the Internet webmaster arena. Ask "do you still travel?" millions of grass root webmaster don’t want no successful counter attack, but the reality is very difficult under the environment of the grassroots webmaster most uncertain, caught in the struggling miserable. If you are a grass root webmaster, may wish to carefully consider this a few questions:

but you gradually find that this is a long and arduous process, no money, no operational thinking. Is your first website that let it die? Then you know that easy operation of a good website not imagine. In the Internet arena, not trained as a martial arts masterpiece is very difficult to survive, was eliminated by the opponent runs, rivers and lakes, finally disappear quickly on the Internet, without a trace, no one will remember you, no one will remember you a certain website. Do not understand the operation, do not understand do not understand why the promotion, profit, based on the Internet in this arena? We should walk, Hangxiazhangyi, many friends, the accumulation of contacts.

: why is travel, the first martial arts masterpiece? For

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