A website optimization really need to write the original article

in fact, website weight is not generally is the original article! Common website ranking can say nine successful work thanks to the support of the chain! Even if you have a total of original articles, if you are outside of the chain is several times the other peer sites, your weight will be higher than the rival site here it’s said so simple? Yes, it is so simple! Don’t advocate general website Shanghai dragon, is actually so simple: 90% of the focus on the construction of the chain, the 10% focus itself on the website

can only smile! !

to write this topic, may be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er "website original article sniff at, because the first" has been a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that is a must, and often see some factors that their Shanghai Longfeng great Shanghai Longfeng Er help others analysis website, if one is not good ranking directly asked: website original content? If one site is not original content, then he would like to find a big problem like telling people: the original content of the site is not enough, the search engine doesn’t love! I retorted, this Shanghai dragon Er never


love Shanghai as the largest Chinese search engine, but its technology is still very immature, at this stage it is impossible to identify whether the article is original content! If you fall in love with the sea is really can identify whether the article is original, the weight and to the original article is high enough, then we the day also need not hard to engage in what Shanghai Longfeng, specially at home to write articles with, or directly to hire a copywriter, dedicated to your website to write articles, to ensure that the site is all original, so your website weight will go up. You may feel so simple?

pure nonsense!Although

ER in the original article about Shanghai Longfeng this one will give you very much about the "truth", many people think that love Shanghai spiders can identify whether the article is original, more people to engage in a very precise data, said to what percentage of similarity is the pseudo original, and reached number per cent similar is plagiarism, will be punished, etc.. I just want to say that these people are in

so, original content is really amazing


this is not an assumption that I personally tested the results. I have to give a customer made a website from the site to rank stability in the few months, I have never written an original article, all the articles are copied directly from other sites and paste here, all the time I have been placed in the chain and Links exchange. Just 2 months time, the keywords of this site arranged into the first page of Shanghai love. This seems to be a very simple matter, everyone can do, just can insist on every day of the very few people


said so many vulgar words, I just want to express a meaning: the original site must not content! Ordinary website can get good.

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