How hard is a startup Look at the cross border electricity supplier foreign wharf storyThe nternet

February 1999, the Tencent developed the network instant communication tools – . Ma Huateng put on the Internet for free users use >

said, ocean terminal mode is the buyer or businesses on the website provides all kinds of goods, consumers choose orders, through the international logistics business through China customs reach the hands of consumers, ocean pier is a platform. In addition, there is also an independent logistics company under the wharf, Pui Hai International Express, to cross-border buyers to provide direct mail and customs clearance services.

Ma Huateng:

wanted to sell when she was short of money According to the

that year, the Internet industry in China is in the early stages of prosperity, Internet users only 3 million, less than the current fraction. Like many Internet Co that have just started, money and technology have been the biggest problems for Tencent Inc. "We have to make a necessary working capital and go around at night," Ma Huateng said later. In order to allow Tencent to survive, Ma Huateng and several founders began to make web pages, systems integration, programming to make money, with products to the operators to sell, was shut out is commonplace.

I just came to America, the language is not very smooth, but the key is I turned professional, I was at the University of North America in Information Science, computer science major, I saw a professor’s graphics project application into his laboratory, he asked me some questions, some I didn’t quite understand some of the problems, I really do not know, so the answer is not good, he asked me what the last question? He asked: Chinese have a computer? I felt very hurt, because of my own questions is not good, cause American professors are beginning to suspect Chinese have computer. It is also because such a thing makes me feel that one day must make a career in the field of computer.

1998, Ma Huateng left the runxun communication with a sum of money and 5 classmates stocks earned co founded the Tencent computer system Co. Ltd., with the Internet business enthusiasm, primary Tencent began looking for the development space in the network and paging.

is a business, talk about the topic. Even now in the Internet industry bigwigs also summon wind and call for rain, had "grass root" period of entrepreneurship. For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial success is a stick to a close call. In the time of entrepreneurship, big brothers have also experienced hardships, but also gave birth to the heart of life. The Tencent technology inventory of the Internet bigwigs young entrepreneurial attitudes for you, to see how they stick to the

offshore pier 2010 Angel Bay venture angel investment, in December 2013 won the rich fund investment of ten million U. s.dollars, in January 2015 to complete the $100 million B round of financing.

Robin Li: an American professor’s words stimulate entrepreneurship

before studying the sea Amoy, ask friends who did well, we recommend foreign pier. With Tmall, Amazon and other international Jingdong, the scouring Heico army put up a pageantry, ocean terminal more focused to the spotlight. And the latest financing 100 million U. S. dollars of internal mail, the founder had blue pain number investment circle, once the foreign dock does not recognize, "dare to speak" character, people silently praise.

blue ocean terminal has revealed that 2014 sales will be 600 million yuan, and the amount of Tmall international in about 15-18 billion yuan, in fact, is not particularly large, but the two companies in the areas of the sea Amoy has achieved the highest level. At present, the foreign terminal C2C trading volume accounted for 60%, ever blue wave for the future planning is 5-10 years later, C2C form should be the community, B2C become mall.



wrote so much about the ocean pier to better understand the following. In the mail and media communication meeting, has blue wave Tucao a lot of hard work experience, and many times not to be optimistic about the VC, said very much

has graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University Bibo shaonianban, joining eBay eBay after a few years of studying in the United States, said Zeng Bibo is living abroad "idle awful", often in MITBBS BBS wrote popular articles, teach you how to sea Amoy goods to Chinese, became a glorious senior "profiteers" this is in fact the early cross-border electricity industry, although the number of colors is smuggling.

this is also the development of blue water plan: first do logistics, and then do C2C, and then do B2C. So in 2013 the Ocean Terminal launched APP overseas shopping spree artifact ", which is a certified buyers live shopping platform in the mobile terminal adds to the attention of C2C. In the electricity supplier giants have to seize the bonded area, the foreign dock because various policies have not been implemented, has been in a wait-and-see state, until recently officially signed the Hangzhou bonded area, to make big B2C share.

this thing has gradually become my ideal – to change the world with my own technology. This ideal should be said that it has not been finished yet, but I am approaching the ideal step by step every day. Some people say that because my wife picked up the dishes in the garden, I returned home to start business, but in fact, not traced to the source, it was a professor of the United States at that time a word, let me more motivated to do this thing.

in the process, ever realized that foreign consumers and foreign industry chain chain is too long, the essence of work is circulation. In 2009, Ceng Bibo returned home to start his business. Dunhuang net once found him in the past. But what he wanted to do was import, not export, so there was the establishment of the foreign Wharf in 2009. It was formally launched on June 2011.


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