Let the search engines pay attention to five ideas of your site

said the stability and content, to talk about is the focus of the third reprint. Some content reproduced more, that users love it, its value is relatively high. The search engine is released, these websites should be valuable website. Because only the value of the site will publish the valuable content, a garbage station is not high quality content. So, your site being reproduced more, your website’s weight will be higher. The search engine will give you good rankings. So after the update on our website, get the submission of famous site, such as A5 and Chinaz are a good choice. My blog article Mai Lisa although not much, but when the update is self.



, next is your core. What do you compete with others? You are the most core advantage? What are you and others in different places? These problems we must consider carefully. See what others do we do sometimes is not necessarily a good thing, others do have accumulated experience for others and rich resources, and you do it is another. Please do not follow the trend, to find their own good, there is always the first choice to grasp. For example, an article, there are 1000 users to browse more than 100 articles, each have 10 people browsing much better, this is his value. There is your site as long as the core values, then you have a great competitive advantage, the search engine will gradually love you.

value: content

transmission angle:

began to pay attention to Shanghai dragon, because the Shanghai dragon can bring a lot of traffic to the site, the less investment than traditional advertising to many, but how to make search engines love on your website, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix technology problem about here, just standing here a common point of view, consider how a station site in the search engine’s perspective is of value to the users, in order to get the attention of the search engine. Below I will share several ideas, I hope to help the webmaster.

certainly is the first, also have every reason in the first place. Although this is not much technical difficulty, for large companies, there is a stable environment is not so difficult, but for many small and medium-sized webmaster, absolute stability is the crux of the problem, sometimes is also a thorny problem. Sometimes the stable server or space is more expensive, but cheaper and more, often between the two will make many webmaster tangled. For example, a stable space is like a flower of two minds man, is not love the girl. So if you are going to do a long search engines let love stand, then please let your website keep unimpeded access, this is the first core. Without this foundation, in the search engine was almost impossible to get good rankings.

Many websites now

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