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the Shanghai dragon forum users should know that the discussion today is the warmest rain ranking top to par Shanghai Longfeng why degree in 425 Links. Behind every case we have to learn, I will analyze this case today, talk about my views, and we explore.

. Keywords rain forum is: "Shanghai dragon training and free download tools – Shanghai dragon rain Shanghai dragon real exchange platform – free Shanghai dragon tutorial". We choose several popular search to see its ranking.

"Shanghai dragon" was the Shanghai dragon why, contrast statement and some Forum promotion, should be Shanghai large-scale adjustment of love tonight. Because of the geographical exclusion caused by the adjustment, should be ranked fourth; keywords "Shanghai dragon training" wolf rain occupy the first; "Shanghai Phoenix Forum" in Shanghai dragon why, ranked second; "Shanghai dragon" is still the first; "Shanghai dragon" tutorial still ranked first. From the top view, a few keywords are considerable rain forum ranking, has pressed Shanghai dragon why the big boss momentum.

can see the rain forum Links has reached 435, and rose. The collected and the chain is not too much, for a forum can be said is a little. According to the understanding of the netizen said rain forum operation time of only two months, although the domain name is the old name, but the weight is not too much. But we see the rain forum PR is 3, the weight is 8 love Shanghai. There may be also server advantage, personally feel is not large, after all, is abroad, plus no more.

why a people in the industry think it should be right down, but to get such good rankings. Su Ruizhong considered to achieve the ultimate Links rain. We know there is love Shanghai algorithm is the user experience. Although more than from the technical level of the algorithm is Links will reduce the overall weight of each connected to the PR output and the page is from the user experience, can have a very much Links station also illustrates the influence of the site. This is the same and the chain, the chain is also a site of massive affirmation, of course premise should be stable.

Next is the focus of

so in this case, we can extend a view that users might think that the influential factor of website search engine is recognized. Of course, just.

Shanghai Longfeng people have a consensus, it’s important to do Links, are more than 30 will have the right of drop phenomenon. Of course, some people say that is 40 to 50, it is recognized Links too much is not conducive to the promotion of website weight. But the rain showed a serious impact on the forum of this knowledge, we look at the basic situation. To love the station network data for reference.

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