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two, weight and height of the web site

web content determines the site of the trend, the content of construction is not only to the user is a search engine to the acquisition station, included the number may be very large, but the collection rate is alarming low, from the previous Xiamen logistics network content analysis can realize the importance of this point, because the site the contents are collected, and the quality is not good, when I say the website contains more than 50000 flow, but only two hundred or three hundred, many webmaster.

When people come up with a

although some sites look included many pages, it is actually a new station, such as the Guangzhou logistics network, is a newly launched only two or three months, but fell in love with the sea included the amount reached 16 thousand and 100, Google and soso are much larger, in the exchange connection also received many webmaster’s favor, in fact website weight is very low, the flow of the day about 50 IP or so. Why such a large amount is included in the station of the station number, the number of nearly more than 60 thousand plus column combined number is also estimated to have a 10 tens of thousands, therefore the amount collected is not high, about ten percent to about 20. There are several reasons mainly influence the website included quantity:

included the amount of only a dozen pages, but the keywords ranking good logistics website, if you reason with him? This question has been experienced, because too much emphasis on this website soon, everyone don’t want to lose; in fact, analysis the website included not only site, but to open the site, carefully analyze the number of the inside of the article, a company’s logistics station, the most just a few hundred articles included the amount of nature will not go higher, sometimes estimate it included the rate found is very high. Therefore, we analyze the website included quantity also is not limited to the surface.

website is more better? Of course, the website included many can drive more keywords ranking; can make faster ascension website weight; every webmaster all know this truth, want to make their websites included a little more, especially for the new site, due to the special care by the search engine. Take a long time to solve the problems included, the second is to look at the content of the site quality and site structure and other factors, can be said that the high weight website, included is relatively high.

The quality of the content of

site weight high website, the included requirements are also relatively easier, new sites with low weight, early for included is a big problem, although there are hundreds of thousands of pages for Guangzhou logistics network, the first two months included is also very small, even the first month only included a home page, other the pages are not included, but added and the content of the site outside the chain slowly the construction site with the passage of time, the weight began to rise slowly eased, included.

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