The hidden secrets behind the marketing events in Shanghai Dragon


two, targeted, everyone in fact in this regard is done before the sales staff said is my client, this sentence is not wrong, but we are not able to do any thing to do comprehensive, because we are in the different consumers, often said in the sale of a word "it is not like, rather than like" for example, you are selling children’s clothes, you call a man to buy your clothes. You can do it. So we have to analyze the customers, prospective customers, prospective customers in the consumer. But we must consider that the location for the crowd to start, so we can identify the direction of the more easily. So as a Shanghai dragon staff, to learn the direction, know your customer groups, to do keywords.

called event marketing, is refers to the enterprise or individual a series of planning, organization and utilization of news value, social influence and star effect of the characters and events, to do publicity, to attract consumers, but also affected the different groups of people, which is why many companies spend costly to do these advertising. These not only influence is particularly large, while our corporate image, reputation, and understand the various situations. So in recent years the view of network marketing on the track, not only promote a wide area, but the influence is relatively large, but also greatly saves the cost of enterprise.

event marketing information involving large strength, wide spread characteristics, several features to talk about the event marketing, what are the similarities and the Shanghai dragon, why do we want to Shanghai dragon and event marketing together.

Shanghai as a dragon people, what we are doing, in fact, there are many people who want to ask this question, but we do optimization what is that, in fact we are an auxiliary role, just before the so-called advertising media to do. So hidden behind us what was that, we talk about the event marketing –


, the importance, refers to the importance of the event content. Look at the impact of a thing, mainly to see the impact on society and involves a wide range is not wide. In general, the impact of more people more naturally, the influence is relatively wide, the promotion is very valuable. We illustrate: Spring Festival is all Chinese Festival, so in the spring Zhao Benshan teacher playing sketch is not known to every family, I dare say Chinese at least 500 million population know Zhao Benshan teacher, this is a propaganda media, network information, and information about nine off God a few people, not only in the China influence is relatively large influence in the world is relatively large. But as a Shanghai dragon who we can exploit, and vigorously promote their own products and let more people know. This is its importance.


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